OSS Advantage

Why OSS?

Security clients need a high quality security program that will provide a reliable, cost effective service - one that ensures a productive and safe work environment for its employees, visitors and customers and protection of its assets.

Ohio Support Services Corp. is the best company to supply this level of security guard services because:

  • We have been in business in Ohio for 30 years. We have gained valuable experience and expertise in all types of facilities over this time.
  • Whether you select an international security company or a local company, your service will be no better than the quality of your local support staff.  OSS provides more management support for each officer in the field than any other company.
  • Our programs are custom tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients.  OSS does not try to provide a one size fits all program structure. 
  • We perform the most extensive screening process of security service candidates in Franklin County.  On average, we hire only 7.0 percent of all applicants.
  • OSS has expertise and experience in training security officers and employs a full-time Corporate Training Manager. 
  • OSS has the most intensive quality assurance and inspection program in the business, and it is sanctioned by our service guarantee.
  • Finally, OSS delivers personal service.  That means that we partner with our clients to achieve their goals and are responsive to their needs.  It also means that we are available regardless of day or time, and are involved in the daily activities of the security program so that no service concern becomes any bigger than it needs to be.