Commercial Buildings

Commercial Building Security

Managers of commercial buildings increasingly face a growing need for effective security and safety services. Security of personnel, access and perimeter control, safety and fire protection are just a few of management's security concerns.

The physical design and business functions of many buildings require that public access be convenient, yet at the same time the safety and security of tenants, visitors and facilities also are critical.

In this type of environment, a security program must be physically visible and psychologically deterring, while at the same time sensitive to public perceptions. For security personnel to perform effectively in such an environment, they must exhibit excellent interpersonal skills, keen observation abilities, critical judgment and a professional appearance.

At OSS, we understand the problems and provide security programs and personnel that answer the conflicting demands of commercial security.

Commercial Security Services

  • Entry Area Greeting and Screening
  • Entry / Egress Control
  • Safety / Fire Hazard Recognition
  • Visitor Badge Issuance and Collection
  • Property Control Passes
  • Notify / Escort Emergency Personnel
  • Electronic Security / CCTV Monitoring
  • Safety and Fire Equipment / Inspection
  • Evacuation Drills
  • Maintenance and Fire System Monitoring
  • After Hours / Holiday Switchboard Staffing
  • Accept and Relay Emergency Messages
  • Media Access Control
  • Vehicle Escorts and Traffic Control
  • Safety Rule Infraction Reports
  • Incident Reports
  • Personnel Absentee Reports
  • Parking Lot Monitoring
  • Floor Warden Training